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 What is the difference?

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What is the difference? Empty
PostSubject: What is the difference?   What is the difference? EmptyMon Jul 27, 2009 10:00 pm


This forum is new filled with new idea.

The TW Sigs staff have thought that we would have a special group called "SigMakers". You can only apply for this rank if you have a lot o experience. Hence, to earn this rank, you have to show your effort.

Other people can still make sigs in the Sig Requests or have galleries, but these "SigMakers" will be credited with this special title telling everyone that they are professional sig makers .

This also creates a sense of competitiveness and a desire for other gfx makers to reach this rank.

thank you,

TW Sig Admin.


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What is the difference? Vendettauqf
What is the difference? Arubar
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What is the difference?
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