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 This thread *Must Read*

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Join date : 2009-07-27
Age : 28
Location : London, Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: This thread *Must Read*   Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:03 pm

This thread is were you are to request signatures and other thing to be made. It is not to be spammed or to go off topic. If a sig is made that you like feel free to comment but once I feel the topic is getting to much off topic it will be locked or deleted.

Rules!! (yay)

• Everytime you want to submit a new request you MUST make a new thread, this will help keep all threads easy to find by sig makers.
• When you make a new thread, be sure to name it (Your Name)'s Request. So that you know which one is yours and can find it easily.
• Please be patient when requesting a sig, there is a lot of them being requested so you will have to wait your turn.
• Be kind to the sig makers, if you are mean to them chances are you won't get a sig.

Request Format

1. What you want (eg. A signature)
2. Images you want (Preferably from
3. Text (What text you want)
4. Font (What type of font you want)
5. Background (What color background)
6. Layout (What you want placed were on the sig)
7. Other details

These rules are to be followed, the request rule is flexable but from what I can see that is how sig makers like to see their requests.

Thanks, Drluminus
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Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: This thread *Must Read*   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:20 pm

Honestly, when ever some requests a signature from me the only guideline I follow is the text and render.

I hate when people request yoshi on a background of a city being nuked by a B-52 or ask for a pink background for an assassin's creed signature.
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Genetic Engineer
Sig Maker.
Sig Maker.
Genetic Engineer

Posts : 126
Join date : 2009-07-29
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: This thread *Must Read*   Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:04 am

Same tillyboy Smile

My usual request form is :

Text :
Image : ( Link it if you have a specific one )
Other : ( Anything else you want me to do )

This way I can make the signature work isntead of just putting oads of images together that they want because otherwise no effects can really be put in ... so that form suits me Smile
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Age : 25
Location : I think I at home

PostSubject: Re: This thread *Must Read*   Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:31 am

Hey, GE, you made me breach rule no. 1. I mean no. 1. Come one man. so are sig shops allowed?
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Join date : 2009-08-01
Age : 29
Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Re: This thread *Must Read*   Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:50 pm

Is this for free sigrequests or do you still have to pay with points?
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PostSubject: Re: This thread *Must Read*   

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This thread *Must Read*
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