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 Currency System (IMPORTANT)

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PostSubject: Currency System (IMPORTANT)   Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:46 am


The TW Sigs Staff has decided to add a new system into the forums
Its called Currency System.

Currency = money

From now on, if you want a sig, you'll have to BUY THE SIG.

How though?

Well look at the left side, in your panel under your avatar. There is something called Points. The currency for this forum is your Points. If you are a sig maker, you can sell you signatures or your gfx work for as much as points you want.

Lets say i am a sig maker. I will say that for the sig below, i will sell it in 150 points.

The buyer can ofcourse bargain if you dont have enough points but on the topic, say I WANT TO BUY IT. First come, first serve. Either me or -FreakOnALEash- will reduce and increase the points in this transaction.

To earn points, you will have to post stuff and reply or either sell your stuff. Soon i will tell you that in which topic for posting, how many points you will get. This will determine that who is active, doesnt spam and create interest within the forums. So more the points you have, the more you can buy stuff.

Remember that sigmaker should always create a watermark for preview and remove the watermark when someone buys it hence to prevent stealing, unless you dont have a watermark, putting a price for your sig would not matter, hence you will be in LOSS.

thank you,



.:.New Signature.:.

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Currency System (IMPORTANT)
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