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 Sig Avvy and COA -Red Bull Gives You Points

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PostSubject: Sig Avvy and COA -Red Bull Gives You Points   Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:07 pm

Hello, it's been a while side I've been here but I am in need of a sig avater and coa for my premade tribe Red Bull Gives You Points!

Text: Red Bull Gives You Points!
Picture: A red bull can and whatever else looks good
Colours: Preferable a mellow red or something like that, even a blue/white mix wouldn't be to bad Wink
Size: 500x80 pixels preferably.

Details: I don't want it to be all the flashy, but I still want it to look nice and to fill the space Smile

Text: Drluminus
Picture: I would like it to match the sig
Size: Maximum size

I don't have to much in mind for this, thats mainly why I'm here. It need to be simple and still apealling. I don't really want a whole bunch of lines and flashy things all over the place, I'd prefer it to be simple as I said earlier.

That being said, use your imagination aswell, don't just through a can and some text on there, be creative Wink

Text: Red Bull Gives You Points!
Colours: Basically anything that looks good except yellow or lime green...
Size: 300x200 pixels

Thanks in advance to whoever does these for me, ill give 250 points for the whole thing, 100 for sig, 100 for coa and 50 for avater.
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Sig Avvy and COA -Red Bull Gives You Points
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