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 Graphics Core is Back!

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PostSubject: Graphics Core is Back!   Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:23 am


It has been months since Graphics Core has shut down. Why? I believe it was a failed attempt to try and shift our forums to another better version.

Recently, i have been getting skype messages and other PM's,. asking why Graphics Core was shut down. There are many people who actually enjoyed our forums and are looking forward for it to come back online.

Though this time, i have some new plans made:

1) There will be an attempt of collaboration between some new GFX artists from The West and Grepolis.
2) There will be new staff members.
3) There will be no currency system as forumotions hasnt managed to provide a better transaction yet.
4) There will be a section on Photo Manipulation.
5) Animated works
6) Graphics Core User Bars
7) Better Google Analysis.

Old stuff such as:

1) Links to your deviantART
2) Twitter updates
3) SOTW/ LOTF/ TOTM and Teams
2) Ban hammers/ Reputations/ Gallery etc

still remain.

HeftySmurf our beloved Tech Admin, hope he comes back Smile

If you have any more queries, then pm me here or through skype: kash2smash.

Last time, we had some limited people on Graphics Core, but this time, i really plan to make it work, but only if i have the support of TW GFX Members with me.

PS: if you have already registered here before and introduced yourself, then you can bump the topic or the new members can create a new one.

Kashish aka Kash2Smash
(GC Admin)


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Graphics Core is Back!
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