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 Payment of Points.

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PostSubject: Payment of Points.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:32 am


As now all of you have been away of our currency system, i would like to present you all with the rates:

0-550 x 0-60 : 40 points [TW .net size]
551-700 x 61-80: 50 points [TW .net size]

Normal Sigs:
400x100: 80 Points
400x150: 90 Points
400x200: 100 Points

For the width, 500 Onwards : 100+ Points
For the height, 200 Onwards: 120+ Points
Maximum Size: 650x350 = 250+ Points

COA: 50 Points
Animates COA: 100 Points.

Other GFX: your own rate (do not be such a rip off Razz)

People can surely bargain if they want to Razz

Once you claimed a sig/coa/gfx, shout in the topic saying mine, and when you order is completete your points will be deductioned accordinhgly


If you are making sigs/coa/gfx for other people, always post your price, FOLLOW THE PRICES ABOVE, do not cheat with people.

thank you,



.:.New Signature.:.

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Payment of Points.
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